Pregnancy Q & A

Updated: Apr 27

Pregnancy questions from some friends and pregnancy answers from yours truly!

Q: When did you find out when you were pregnant?

A: I found out a week after my birthday. Which is maybe why I took a sip of my celebratory wine and scrunched up my face. For some odd reason I wasn’t in the mood for it. I remember being on the phone as I took the test discussing my other friends’ pregnancy (funny right) and then boom, there it was, two clear lines. I raced to my husband with the phone on mute and said, “boo yah”. We were so happy!

Q: Would you say that you had a “Rona baby”?

A: Um, I guess so. It was totally unplanned and because of Covid, the news was not in fairytale fashion but, we were loving the blessing.

Q: How was your experience seeing your baby for the first time?

A: To be honest it was amazing; she was doing the pop lock at our 10-week appointment. Never knew a baby that small could be that active! But deep down I was saddened that the time of both of us seeing our baby would be the last time my husband was ever allowed back into a doctors’ visit.

Q: How did you both handle the news of not being sharing news and moments together due to the pandemic?

A: Racing to him after each appointment with details wasn't enough for me honestly. I couldn't even record our sweet girls heartbeat. He was only able to hear it and see her at our 10-week apt so, we scheduled a private 3D ultrasound for 45 min during my third trimester which was a very special moment that we were able to do together.

Q: How did your families find out about your baby?

A: Ultrasound photos are still in a frame in my parents’ home.

Q: What was the first symptom you had?

A: Well, my stop sign aka menstrual cycle was a week late.

Q: Did you have a feeling about the gender of the baby?

A: My husband did. He said he had a dream of a baby girl twirling in a blue dress at the park with us. He had that dream a month before we found out about our pregnancy.

Q: How did you find out the gender of your baby?

A: We couldn’t have a big gender reveal party, so we invited two friends over to surprise us. I wanted balloons filled with pink, blue and no confetti. We were handed the balloons and after a certain color passed 6 pops, we found out what we were having, which was a baby girl!

Q: Was there a time when you researched literally everything?

A: Ding ding ding, right on! But I took everything with a grain of salt because, not everyone’s experience was my own.

Q: What was a food item that you couldn’t keep down?

A: At one point, everything. I never stared at my toilet bowl so much in my life. My baby really disliked when I ate peanut butter so, now I’m afraid to touch her after I eat anything with peanuts until she's of age to start eating actual food and I can monitor her. Yes, I know I'm extra.

Q: What were your pregnancy symptoms?

A: Chile, what did I not have? Minus the glorious moments of not having a cycle... I was moody, I had a metallic taste in my mouth during the first trimester, anything with a strong smell… oh my gosh, my poor husband couldn’t use his favorite hair products for months, nausea my entire second trimester (I was on medication for nausea for about 3 months), spitting in a cup during my entire second and third trimester (yup, there’s an actual medical term for that), Braxton hicks contractions and let’s not forget about those classy hemorrhoids I developed 3 weeks before I gave birth.

Q: Which symptom became overbearing?

A: It’s the spitting in the cup for me. It lasted until I pushed her out! I would instantly feel sick just from talking because the build up of saliva was just so much!

Q: Were you considered a high-risk pregnancy?

A: Yes, I was because a previous doctor said I had a septate uterus which could’ve caused me to have a pre term labor causing my baby to have a chance of not surviving. I found out that that doctor was wrong 2 minutes after delivery my baby. My current OB had a field day searching for the “problem” and confirmed my uterus was free of any issues (upside down smiling face inserted here) but, that news was such a blessing even though I was on pins and needles during my entire pregnancy.

Q: Did you have a birth plan?

A: Yes, a healthy baby and being a healthy mama. Check out my birth story post to hear about every inch of that process.

Q: What were your favorite pregnancy items?

A: Does food count? Oh, the pregnancy pillow between the leg was cool, which I honestly used a lot before my belly got to big... the pillow would mysteriously end up on the floor every morning.

Q: What was a few things you weren’t a fan of during pregnancy?

A: The harsh symptoms, crazy hormones and that oh so lovely glucose test.

Q: What was your weirdest pregnancy craving?

A: Chocolate milk with Cajun grilled shrimp.

Q: What were your must have snacks during your pregnancy?

A: Chocolate covered strawberries and French fries.

Q: Did you have the pregnancy glow?

A: I had my hair in the same bun for 4 months straight, wore the same three dresses until my family had enough and bought me more clothes, my hair color was changing as if I was born with red hair but, I had no acne, no stretch marks and I had no fatigue so I guess in hind sight I developed the glow later on. Old wives tale of baby girls stealing mama's beauty may or may have not played a role in my pregnancy.

Q: When did you decide your baby’s name?

A: The day that I told my husband to imagine seeing a brown skinned, curly haired baby girl running around. We were debating with two names. I was passionate about naming my sweet girl with a unisex name.

Q: How was your pregnancy weight?

A: I lost 9 pounds in the beginning due to being sick but gained about 25 pounds afterwards.

Q: My friend is 6 months pregnant and her husband said she is moody and borderline irrational…

A: So, what’s your question?

Q: Our baby was born last month. When will my girlfriend start to feel like herself again?

A: Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be the same person I used to be. I literally sleep different. If that’s not a hint I’m not sure what else I could tell you.

Q: How was your mood towards the end of your pregnancy?

A: Well, I was nesting like crazy even to the point of wiping down the walls for dust, I sounded like I needed an inhaler from gasping the air my baby kicked out of me, literally and needing to embrace the new red shade of my eyeballs from getting up to pee every two hours at night... I guess I could say my mood was pretty good.

Q: Do you have any tips on inducing labor?

A: After 37 weeks I started walking, I think walking on the beach sand really helped, also squatting like a sumo wrestler and bouncing on my birth ball helped baby girl go down a lot. Before I knew it I was looking at my reflection on the hospital ceiling awaiting my snuggie buttons arrival. You'll know what I mean from the video at

I hope you guys enjoyed my Pregnancy Q & A as much as I did! <3


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