My Birth Story

9 hours of labor, and yes, I would it do it all over again!

I had my breathing techniques down pat and even brought my yoga mat.

I started feeling mild cramps, then slow waves of pain involving the sensation of my uterus squeezing and then slowly releasing its grip, with back pain too. I knew that instantly that I was having TRUE contractions, in active labor. Plus, I was GBS+ so I needed to rush to the hospital to get my needed antibiotics. (Only had time to receive a bag & 1/2, baby was not affected though). My labor was 9 hours long. 7 hours naturally and 2 hours with an epidural. I had my breathing techniques down pat and even brought my yoga mat. I was able to focus my mind elsewhere during contractions by doing cat/cows, walking around the laboring room and squatting with my husband. I followed the breathing techniques from Bridget Teyler (watch her YouTube videos, you won’t regret it)! But as the contractions got more intense I was so exhausted and feared I wasn’t going to be able to push. I went from 2.5cm to 6cm naturally but I had no clue at first. The nurses were switching shifts and my 1st nurse told me I was still at 2.5cm so I decided I was going to get the epidural... I wanted to aim for a natural delivery but I was totally okay with going with the flow and listening to my body. The 2nd nurse came in shortly after being told I was 2.5cm. She checked me and I was at 6cm!!! 2.5 to 6cm in 30 min!!!! I was pumped about the news and I thought I could’ve went all the way to 10cm naturally now since I was progressing pretty fast at that point but I already put my order in for the epidural and I really wanted to rest before the big pushes. As the epidural was being placed, i had to be completely still during 3 contractions! Yup, THREE intense contractions without moving! I was so ready for little miss to come out I froze like my life depended on it. I was finally relaxed after and later on progressed to 10cm in no time!

I began to push and wow, pushing literally knocked the wind out of me each time. Thankfully I couldn’t feel my 2nd degree tear but I pushed for about 40 min and my doctor told me to feel her head and to also look up at a mirror they placed in the ceiling to watch baby come out. I was stunned by how advanced they made labor/delivery these days lol. Anyways, I then was allowed to PULL my baby out into the world and it was pure MAGIC. A feeling that I would never forget! I really reallyy delivered my baby and I couldn’t have chose a better way to introduce her into the world. She did gift me with a big ole poo as she landed on my chest and I figured it was payback from eating nuggets and fries before delivery lol oops... I was running out of drive through options. Due 12/12 but naturally went into labor on the day I was supposed to be induced, on 12/5!

This is my baby girl Rhyan Aja, our rainbow baby! I hope you mamas have a safe and progressive delivery!!!!!!


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