Oh, hey mama!

Welcome to my very first post! I am so excited to start this journey and hopefully form an ever growing community of mamas that can support each other and maybe even indulge in a few play dates when things go back to normal, fingers crossed!

I am a party of 1 among my friends. As they say, "Britt, you're officially the guinea pig for having a baby." At this point I was excited to find other mamas that shared the same and new interests as me, like which snot sucker to buy and which color palette her room would be. Being this was my first baby and during a whole pandemic, I had times were I stared at my growing belly and felt alone. I had support from my amazing husband, family and friends but, looking at another basketball belly and talking face to face felt like it would bring me even more comfort somehow. So here I am, bright eyed in front of my computer, sharing my journey and hoping to hear from more soon to be and current mamas during this very interesting time where support is needed like my chocolate covered strawberry cravings.

Let's rewind to a time when I was standing in front of my mirror after I took a pregnancy test that read positive. My happy thoughts slowly went to constant thoughts I had about becoming a whole entire mom but with adjusting to living with so many new restrictions. My normal was starting to fade. So many things changed so fast, so drastically. I wasn't thrilled with my husband only being allowed to sit at our first doctor appointment to see the baby. I would cringe every time I would have to ask permission to take photos of our own child to send to him while he was sitting in the car downstairs. I made sure to give myself a pep talk in the mirror as I left my many urine samples behind that any unforeseen news I had to receive by myself, I was going to be strong about it.

After every appointment, my phone was glued to my hand, searching through my mommy apps. I would read and read until I felt like I knew everything possible about my baby's status as she grew and how to ease some of my pregnancy symptoms. I joined the December 2020 mom group and heard from other moms across the world. It was a good feeling seeing moms and even a few dads sharing the same symptoms, concerns and excitement as me. But I noticed that not a lot of moms were talking about their experience about to give birth during the pandemic or how they coped with their hormonal changes during a time like this. This inspired me to share my moments of every detail of my pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum with you in hopes that you know that you are not alone.

Welcome to Snuggie Button!


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