About Snuggie Button


Hi, I'm Brittany. I'm a wife, married to my MySpace sweetheart, that caters to a spunky pup and that just gave birth to our first baby button. Join me as I navigate my way in this brand spankin' new title called motherhood which was added to my resume during a worldwide pandemic. 

This blog is dedicated to all the mothers out there that have given birth alone, have had less support, struggled finically due to the pandemic and etc. This seems to be the current "new normal" for many of us. 

Giving birth to my sweet girl in December was the best thing that has ever happened to me. Despite the fact that I spent literally majority of the year being pregnant. Being pregnant with every draining symptom there was, stuck in the house, going to doctor appointments alone and the list goes on.

The question I always seem to hear is... "Girl, how are you keeping it together"? "Did you go through post partum depression"? Well, I created this blog to share my sensational and not so pleasant moments. Hang out for a little longer with me to find out which directions I have taken in each scenario as a pre & present mama.

Welcome to


A journey through motherhood!

XO, Brittany